Home Rekey

Rekeying a home can be very important, especially if you have just bought a new house or rented one. This is an effective way of keeping the previous occupants from accessing the house considering that they could have spare keys to the house when they left. Even though it seems like a very tedious affair, locksmiths have a field day rekeying the locks. The importance of having the us rekey your home is that we will change the tumbler configurations and the wafers in the locks within the shortest time possible. This will make new keys work and prevent old one from functioning on the locks.

Our locksmith services for home rekey service in the San Diego area, can be applicable also when leasing a property or when there is a misplacement of keys or case of lost keys. This is because it is not safe to assume where the keys might have landed and who they might give access to in your home. It is actually very important to have the locks rekeyed as soon as you have realized that you have misplaced or lost them. There are also instances where people request to have one key for all doors and the locks can be rekeyed to serve this purpose. It eliminates key juggling with too keys that open different doors.

Other rekeying situations

You might also find it necessary to rekey the locks if you have made a switch with your cleaning services or you had to fire an employee. A fall out between lovers, spouses of fiancés can also necessitate rekeying. It is not enough to assume that the individuals gave you all the keys to the house. It is just as easy to have them duplicated giving them access to the house whenever they want. Our locksmith services will come in handy for any of the given situations saving you worries of interruption of privacy and intrusion.

Some real estate agents will even recommend the rekey process to be preformed. Sometimes though, the process is not brought up or is just forgotten due to the many things involved with the buying and moving process. We also handle Sheriff evictions from the bank due to a short sale, auction, etc. Did that previous owner hold onto a set of keys?


Rekeying costs

Contracting a locksmith to handle all your rekeying needs is definitely less than what you might have used to remove the locks and installing new ones. Our locksmiths can reconfigure the locks within a short period of time at rates that are very competitive. The costs will be determined by how many locks you need to be rekeyed. You can bring your lock to us for rekeying but most of the time, our client like the convenience in having our locksmiths come to their homes. This is especially when there is more than one lock to be rekeyed.

If you are in the San Diego area and needing a home, office or apartment rekeyed, make sure you choose Pacific Lock and Keys. We are a reliable and trustworthy company with over 15 years of experience and plenty of references.

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