Mailbox Rekey

Protecting your mailbox requires two things, access control and internal vigilance. Access control ensures that those who are allowed entrance to a specific area or building are permitted, while those who are not allowed entrance to a building are denied. Access control is everywhere – be it the locks on your house or store, your vehicle, parkade or gated community. Locksmiths work with specific knowledge and skills designed for maintaining access control. Since a Mailbox lock is small and easily broken, protecting your mailbox means explicitly controlling and monitoring who has access to the mailboxes.

The idea behind access control is to keep criminals away from your mailroom. The best way to ensure the access control of your mailbox is put a high security lock on all gates and external doorways. In gated communities and high rise condominiums, controls keys can be distributed to each of the tenants – the only way to make a copy would be through the explicit permission of the board or building manager. A high security lock is more resilient to break-ins, and operates on an exclusive keyway, which means no one will get be able to get in without having your permission first. Mailrooms should be isolated behind closed doors, only accessible to those with the high security key. Whether it is lock repair or lock change, each step taken to securing your home will undeniably aid to relieve you of any worries you might have. Some of the residential locksmith services include: lock changes, lock installations, door knob locks, mailbox locks, garage door remote programming, rekey locks, broken key extraction, deadbolts and file cabinet locks.

For meaningful business to flourish, both employers and their employees must play a part in maintenance of security in their work places. Burglary or theft leads to unexpected losses. This has led to business owners turning to commercial security companies for help. As much as this is one of the best solutions to this problem, business owners should take it upon themselves to constantly change the locks of their offices and security safes as a preventive measure. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Other services they should consider are: master key or rekey; installation of new commercial locks; and store front rekey among many more.

The second key to protecting your mailbox is through exercising internal vigilance. This means: Don’t let strangers into your building! Criminals often pretend to be a locked out tenant, or an impatient friend who has forgotten their buzzer number. Mailbox theft is fast, and makes easy prey out of the naive ‘good Samaritan.’

The importance of access control and internal vigilance reinforces the importance of having your mailbox rekeyed when necessary. Stolen purses and lost keys are a large source of unauthorized access control. Just imagine losing your house keys with your identification which states your address. Rekeying your mailbox is a simple and cheap. This should be done with each new tenant and every time you lose your key, wallet, purse, or have your key broken into. Should you lose your keys, or have your wallet/purse stolen, or are generally concerned with access control, you should call your local locksmith immediately.

We all lead very busy and hectic lives as we compete among ourselves in this capitalistic world. Being in a constant hurry makes most people to be absent minded. Without knowing, they end up locking themselves out of their own vehicles. This can happen at any time of the day or night and because of this reason, we offer 24 hour locksmith services in the San Diego, California area for broken key extraction, car rekey, lock replacement, keyless remote entry, transponder keys and ignition block rekey.

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